Sandra C.

I am more serene, following our meeting; I feel like something has unlocked, I noticed a difference even in my way of writing, so I didn’t go back to my past stories as usual. I learned to give myself time for what I want, and give time to my subconscious. More patience with myself and my subconscious.

I am writing this feedback letter to testify and retrace my feelings about this inner work because after three weeks, I feel re-boosted, motivated and much more committed. This renewed dynamism allowed me to relaunch my job search process, in a more assured way. I am less foggy and confused about what I am capable of, and therefore more specific in my expectations, and much more able to sell my skills and abilities because these are endless. My ultimate goal would be to find comfort, to be at ease, but I felt that this desired state was introduced from the start during our discussions with Michel. I feel comfortable, I feel at ease. I started out looking for answers, and so far have found even more questions that energize and even soothe me. I look forward to seeing how these efforts continue.

Stephanie Miehe

Subject: Letter of recommendation To whom it may concern, Mr. Michel Colin performed, at my request, an NLP treatment.
During the five sessions, he showed real professionalism and unfailing rigour.
Appreciated being a colleague, it is with pleasure to witness his professional career being a NLP Coach A more than competent element, the clients who will be lucky enough to have him within him, will benefit from a major asset for their personal development and / or professional.

Larissa Coffi

For Mr. Colin,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the considerable help that I have been able to benefit from through your exceptional neuro-linguistic programming sessions.
Thanks to the work you have done, I had the opportunity to target important elements that explained the situations that I go through in my life. The different NLP sessions allowed me not only to make a beneficial introspection to my person but also to understand how to deal with it.
Indeed, Mr. Colin has remarkably succeeded in highlighting certain problematic aspects, in particular certain situations that I experienced on a recurring basis – which prevented me from being fulfilled – and he greatly helped me to understand the origin of these situations while offering me solutions to end it.
The work of Mr. Colin also allowed me to become aware of the strengths and riches that reside within me that I was not aware of before, thus improving the perception I had of myself. All this has greatly helped me heal from my past wounds and become the woman I always wanted to be. Even if I still have efforts to make to achieve all my goals, I know that the hardest part has been done thanks to the NLP sessions promulgated by Mr.Colin.
By targeting a particular problem that I had trouble solving on my own, I was able to understand in depth the mechanisms that supported this situation of involution in which I was. All this allowed me to have a clairvoyance on my past, my present but also on my future.
The work done by the latter turned out to be powerful and holistic because even if at the beginning we determined a point on which we are going to work, in the end I see that this work will have had an impact on all spheres of my life and will have me
allowed to give birth to the new person that I am, and that I always wanted to be. These sessions were more than beneficial because I now benefit from a new perception of myself and my environment. Today, I am much more confident, stable and above all at peace with myself.
I really appreciate the work you have done for me and I will always be grateful.

Thanks very much
Mr. Colin