Michel Colin

  • Professional Coach certified in international NLP.*Certificate Art Therapy Life Coach
  • Certificate in communication PSYCOM # 1, 2, 3 live with Guillaume Dulude Ph D
  • Certificate of Certification completed the training.
  • The Neurosciences of emotions at the service of NLP coaching                                                 with Anne-Laure Nouvion, Ph.D
  • Continuing Education Certificate Health Coaching and NLP                                                      by Dr.Jean-Luc Monsempes
  • Silver Level Certificate in Professional Communication (Toast Masters International)
  • Certificate in helping relationship
  • Art looked at life
  • New Positive Thinking Certificate: Level 1, 2, 3 *Motivational Speaker
  • Intervening for more than 23 years: support for customers who have overcome various ordeals, some of which are major.
  • Founder of a house for young people in difficulty and director for 3 years
  • Active listening with suicidal people
  • Personal Development & Leadership (Landmark)
  • Human relationship Sylva Bergeron *Graduate in Visual Arts (Professional Painter)
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The coach is bound by professional secrecy and respect in terms of professional ethics, respect for confidentiality with regard to the client, respect for his person, his choices…


It’s about giving to others, helping people discover their full potential and witnessing their transformation, seeing them smile and realizing that it’s not all over. Just like me who overcame various obstacles to finally realize that there is always an emergency exit somewhere, even though all the doors seem closed.

A life changing experience is here.

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