Methods used

“Throughout my accompaniment, I put into practice NLP techniques based on the levels: Environment, behavior, capacity, belief, value, identity, meaning. A *solutions-oriented* approach that is intended to be brief, non-directive and long-lasting, and focuses on the present *Future-oriented, what is most satisfying for you in your life today. In NLP we seek to know how, not why?

  • Plan a boulder of Cinque a six encounters. The 1st: Contact to assess the problem, or what is blocking you at the moment in order to establish a specific, contextual, measurable, achievable, realistic, temporal and ecological objective.
  • The purpose of the upcoming meetings is to perform dynamic, powerful and lasting techniques to stimulate the achievement of your goal, which is intended to be sustainable over time.


The coach is bound by professional secrecy and respect in terms of professional ethics, respect for confidentiality with regard to the client, respect for his person, his choices…


It’s about giving to others, helping people discover their full potential and witnessing their transformation, seeing them smile and realizing that it’s not all over. Just like me who overcame various obstacles to finally realize that there is always an emergency exit somewhere, even though all the doors seem closed.

A life changing experience is here.

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