Men 40 and older experiencing setbacks in life, or other experiences perhaps a difficult separation. Who were struck by life in their blind spot but did not see it coming and today experience great disappointment, pain in the soul, sequels and evolve from failure to failure. They become unable to take action and postpone everything. These people have the impression of being stationed at the train station in inner suffering, in a toxic environment, misaligned at the 7 levels of consciousness. Withdraw into yourself, they cry inside and out, they don’t move forward, they retreat, unable to carry out their projects, with a loss of autonomy and a lack of self-confidence. Troubled and agitated, they think there is nothing more to be done, they say to themselves that it is too late, everything is over. They feel like everyone is pointing the finger at them. Your soul hurts, overwhelmed by frustration, guilt and shame. You question yourself, with a heavy heart, you underestimate yourself, you remain powerless; you lose the meaning of life. This program may be for you, what do you think?


what people say

I am more serene, following our meeting; I feel like something has unlocked, I noticed a difference even in my way of writing, so I didn't go back to my past stories as usual. I learned to give myself time for what I want, and give time to my subconscious More patience with myself and my subconscious...

Sandra C.

Letter of recommendation To whom it may concern, Mr. Michel Colin carried out, at my request, an NLP treatment. During the five sessions, he showed real professionalism and unfailing rigour. Appreciated being a colleague, it is with pleasure to witness his professional career being a NLP Coach A more than competent element, the clients who will be lucky enough to have him within him, will benefit from a major asset for their personal development and / or professional.

Stephanie Miehe

For Mr. Colin,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the considerable help that I have been able to benefit from through your exceptional neuro-linguistic programming sessions.
Thanks to the work you have done, I had the opportunity to target important elements that explained the situations that I go through in my life. The different NLP sessions allowed me not only to make a beneficial introspection to my person but also to understand how to deal with it.

Larissa Coffi
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