Michel Colin, NLP coach

NLP Coaching

Specialized service for men aged 30 and over who wish to better manage their emotions. To find inner peace. Their identity. The meaning of their existence. Due to failures in life, family difficulties or other experiences. You have the choice.

Do you want to choose the possibility of putting both hands on the wheel and taking control of your life, to steer you on the road of your choice.

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Professional NLP coaching service for who?

People who have been hit by life in their blind spot. But did not see it coming and today experience great disappointment, pain in the soul, sequels and evolve from failure to failure. They become unable to take action and postpone everything. These people have the impression of being stationed at the train station in inner suffering, in a toxic environment, misaligned at the 7 levels of consciousness. Turn in on yourself, they cry inside and out

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Michel Colin: Professional Coach certified in international NLP.

Therapeutic Art Life Coach

Welcome to this site, where we are guided by Ethics, confidentiality, warm welcome, respect, integrity, dignity of being, unconditional love.

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life coaching

If something in your life makes you feel stuck or if you are facing a complicated situation, my coaching services will be very useful to you.

Business Coaching

My experience as an entrepreneur and my coaching service will help you overcome the challenges that arise when designing and creating a business.

Express Coaching

These sessions are designed to address specific issues and challenges you may face in one hour sessions.

Online Services

If you want to improve some aspect of the daily life of your company or work group, you can count on the advantages of my group sessions.

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group service

If you want to improve some aspect of the daily life of your company or work group, you can count on the advantages of my group sessions.

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The coach is bound by professional secrecy and respect in terms of professional ethics, respect for confidentiality with regard to the client, respect for his person, his choices…


It’s about giving to others, helping people discover their full potential and witnessing their transformation, seeing them smile and realizing that it’s not all over. Just like me who overcame various obstacles to finally realize that there is always an emergency exit somewhere, even though all the doors seem closed.


what people say

I am more serene, following our meeting; I feel like something has unlocked, I noticed a difference even in my way of writing, so I didn't go back to my past stories as usual. I learned to give myself time for what I want, and give time to my subconscious More patience with myself and my subconscious...

Sandra C.

Letter of recommendation To whom it may concern, Mr. Michel Colin carried out, at my request, an NLP treatment. During the five sessions, he showed real professionalism and unfailing rigour. Appreciated being a colleague, it is with pleasure to witness his professional career being a NLP Coach A more than competent element, the clients who will be lucky enough to have him within him, will benefit from a major asset for their personal development and / or professional.

Stephanie Miehe

For Mr. Colin,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the considerable help that I have been able to benefit from through your exceptional neuro-linguistic programming sessions.
Thanks to the work you have done, I had the opportunity to target important elements that explained the situations that I go through in my life. The different NLP sessions allowed me not only to make a beneficial introspection to my person but also to understand how to deal with it.

Larissa Coffi
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A life changing experience is here.

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Michel Colin

  • Coach Professionnel certifié en PNL international.*Certificat Art thérapie Life Coach
  • Certificat en communication professionnelle niveau Argent (Toast masters international)
  • Certificat en relation d’aide
  • L’Art a regardé la vie
  • Certificat a la nouvelle Pensée positive: niveau 1, 2, 3 *Conférencier en motivation
  • Intervenant pendant plus de 23 ans: accompagnement de la clientèle ayant surmonté différentes épreuves, dont certaines sont majeur.
  • Fondateur d’une maison des jeunes en difficultés et directeur pendant 3 ans
  • Écoute active auprès des personnes suicidaires
  • Développement personnel & Leadership (Landmark)
  • Relation humaine Sylva Bergeron *Diplômé en Arts visuels (Artiste peintre professionnel)
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Le coach est tenu au secret professionnel et au respect au niveau de l’éthique professionnelle, le respect de la confidentialité en ce qui concerne le client, le respect de sa personne, de ses choix…


C’est de donner aux autres, accompagner les gens à découvrir leur plein potentiel et être témoin de leur transformation, de les voir sourire et réaliser que tout n’est pas fini. Tout comme moi qui ai surmonté différents obstacles pour finir par réaliser qu’il y a toujours un issu de secours quelque part et, ce, quand bien même toutes les portes semblent fermées.

Une expérience qui change la vie est ici.

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